Receive your hotel key by Email or SMS. No check-in necessary.

The visual keys are created and encrypted using the CamKey owner’s platform (either desktop or mobile app). 

  • Each key is custom made for one recipient.
  • The guest does not need to register on an app!
  • The guest does not need to download an app!
  • The key is private to the host and guest only.
  • Each key is a permission to enter for a defined time.
  • All keys have programmed expiry.
  • All guests, cleaners, managers etc have different keys.
  • The CamKey lock will record a log of all access attempts.
  • WiFi access is optional. No IOT or BLE chip involved.
  • No hotel check-in process for guests needed.
  • The visual key is a black and white picture file which can be stored on a mobile device or printed on a piece of paper.
  • Save time and costs for the hotel or resort.
  • The guest can easily copy the key for family or close friends.
Common door, Lift Entry